Former Staff

Positions at WAVEROCKER

Surfteachers, chefs, housekeepers and more

Grown up in

Switzerland, Germany and Spain (depending on skin colour - only in case of Julia S. appearances are deceiving)

Studies und profession

All kinds over the years: Secondary teachers, Dental technicians, Manager at newspapers as well as day care educator

Team combination

 2013: Ines, Bernd, Tom - for a short time: Marija, Johanna und Moe

2014: Ines, Bernd, Tanja, Tom - for a short time: Sara und Denise

2015: Manu L, Julia K, Julia S, Fabienne, Sophie, Jan, Manu J, Xabi und Tom

2016: Manu L., Janine, Dave, Julie, Adri, Manu J., Fabienne S, Tom

The following people have worked and supported us to an enormous amount too: Susana (local chef and camp mother <3), Maria J. (cleaning lady), Maria R. (Yoga teacher), Suso (Massagist), Santi (Boarddoctor)

Our perfect day

Spending time together, surfing, make guests have a good time, playing comunity games, laughing together and sitting on the stairs in the evening sharing some beers

The best thing about WAVEROCKER

is that it's not over: We're going to be back better and stronger than ever with a new and beautiful camp in town ;) To be updated please join our newsletter here: and like us on Facebook: