nordés surfhouse

Being our surfteachers last season, Adri & Manu are offering their own accomodation and lessons this year. Adri let's you stay at his house in the center of Cobas (1km from where our house used to be) and the two will offer you surf lessons using the fun and learning orientated WAVEROCKER strategy.

Here's their philosophy:

From different walks of life and separate parts of the world, we are a family at Nordes Surfhouse. Always laughing, surfing and having a good time, you’ll feel part of the brotherhood that we have created. With us you’ll receive a personalized experience and discover all the best waves, best foods and secret places that will make your vacation one of a kind.

So if you wanna come back to Galicia, this is the place to go to!

And the best: If you book at Nordes Surfhouse you're going to get a WAVEROCKER bag and a surfwax for free. 

Here's the link to their page: