galicias' NATURe

Galicia's nature is unbelievably diverse. Here you will find beautiful, fine grained beaches, turquoise water, small islands, national parks, stunning fjord-like bays, canyons, the highest cliffs in all of Europe, hills covered in eucalyptus forests – just everything you could possibly wish for.

Among others the following places are well worth a visit: Cabo Prior, Cabo Lobadiz, Teixido, Islas Cies, Porto do Barqueiro, Playa de las Catedrales, Cabo Fisterra


galicias' cities

Galicia's cities complement each other perfectly. While Ferrol has been named the city with the highest concentration of bars per person, La Coruna reminds many people of San Sebastian because of it's city beach Orzan. In the pilgrimage site of Santiago de Compostela culture vultures find museums, churches, stylish bars – and the famous UNESCO World Heritage cathedral, of course. Vigo, the most populous city in Galicia is considered the gateway to the natural wonders of the Cies Islands.