Yoga & massage

If you have surfed too much and feel stiff, or have some other kind of pain, we offer you a first class Yoga and Massage service. Maru and Suso, our Yoga teacher and massagist will make sure you will feel better within no time.


The type of Yoga we offer is called Hatha Yoga. It is a static yoga form that will help you stay flexible and prevent injuries during surfing. The lessons are specifically designed for surfers.

The classes will be given by Maria, a certified and experienced yoga teacher from Ferrol. The amount of lessons per week as well as the time of the day can be fixed through a phonecall according to the wishes of the guests. 

Price: 12€ / person & hour


Every holiday surfer knows the problem: Once at the ocean no one can hold back. Surfing as much as possible. And most of us will feel the sore mussles after a few days. Suso, our qualified massagist and physiotherapeut will make sure you will be back in the water the next day. Whether it's a cronical problem or just surf stiffness - he will get you back on track! 

Price: 35€ / 40min